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Hi there, my name's david and im a Pansexual schizoaffective alien nerd-slut. A Nephilim Crush(er)-- and i lerve art, CATS, philosophy, super-sex, group sex, porno sex, all sex, paganism, comics, punk/goth music, poetry, computers, CGI, and so very much more.... im also libertarian and atheist and an ex-heroin/fentanyl addict. yayme!!! i love to sketch. which is why you will see mostly pencils here. w/ the occasional digital makeover with color. but that is rare. My main Artistic interests are COMICS, FETISH PORN, AND CGI!!!

I am a Pessimistic-Hedonistic-Promiscuous-Villainous-Alien and i am the god of fuck! Now when it comes to comic art, i adore RAW/Penciled Images over Inked/colored any day, but i will accept inked. (sometimes) And for color, well the piece has 2b pretty amazing w/ itz color scheme to pull me n2 it. But yeah, there iz just somethin' 'bout Raw pencils that get me all hot. And when it is molested by ink and color, it seems as if it's beauty has been raped. When i look at pencils, i just sit --stare in awe, 'cuz its like i can see the hard work put into it, the hours of the artist's life that they dedicated to that piece, and the difficulty it took to complete it. Also w/ raw pencils, the details seem more clear and just exquisite in this lovely natural form.... So yeah, i guess i can chalk that up to one more fetish, lol, Raw Penciled Comicbook Images get me wet and hard and all sticky afterward!!!


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